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Sonex group has always believed that success can't be achieved untill you prepare and support every element of your team, the way to success. We have also experienced that "Without healthier business relations with the distributors & vendors a big success can't be achieved". With more than 3000 successful distributors across the country has really played a decisive role in our achievement. Support is not just a word to share, but it is an attitude to help business partners making it to the top.
We put immense efforts to assist, satisfy & motivate our business partners by providing them the ideas and ways of working. We help them in developing the business in thier local area by contributing prospecting clients. To comply with the needs of our business partners, we have undergone a specially designed program BREP (Business RELATIONS Enhancement Program), that will help our distributors and vendors take business to the next level of achievement.
In addition, we have always believed that
"To be different, be Innovative"
So, we keep our eyes on the changing needs and futuristic trends to produce and update our business partners to ensure they are always in a position to lead the market from the front.
Our policy that compels us to prioritize principles and not the monetary benefit has strengthened our brand image. Our bilateral relations with our distributors are based on trust so that our distributor is sure of our clean policy and can grow smoothy.
Moreover, we respect the views and suggestions from the customers' and try to include them uin our forthcoming product range, because we believe that "If we provide what they wanted, we have already got what we've wanted...Success."
Techology & Creativity must not just be overwhelming
It should Enrich & Improve lifestyles
SONEX group has always expanded its horizons of achievements by producing world-class quality products. Today SONEX is known as one of the leading expoeters of ceramic products and SONEX has expanded its reach to almost half the globe.
No wonder today SONEX has became a symbol of trust and synonym of Quality because of its world class Quality and diversified product range backed up by the prompt services. Our in-house export division is a team of experienced & professional people who are familiar with the international trends & procedures.
SONEX group has exported lifestyles in the form of ceramic products to the followoing countries.
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